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Organize your finances and Monitor your Goals

In today’s busy world where life is hectic, and time is of a premium, we make it easy to OMG (Organize your finances and Monitor your Goals). When you become a client of Vining Financial Services, Inc., you gain access to enCOMPA$$, a secure Web and mobile phone application that consolidates all your financial accounts into a single view.


With enCOMPA$$ you can:

  • Connect and see all your financial accounts in a single view
  • View your net worth, balance sheet and much more
  • Track your spending and manage your budget
  • Easily loacate Charity donations, education expenses, etc., and download information for your Tax Planner
  • Upload and store important documents and access them from anywhere there is a secure internet connection
    • Tax Returns
    • Driver's License
    • Passports
    • Social Security Number, etc

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